Thursday, July 2, 2009


We received their Certificates of Citizenship. Kenson and Sula are officially US citizens.

Went to the Zoo with a group of children from our church. Kenson was excited from the beginning. Sula was not too sure but by the end, she was fully embrassing the experience.

Eating supper with our friends, the Zapatas from Tennesee.

1 month ago . . .

. . .I entered our front door emotional, full of fear, and weak kneed. I could not see or think past what my chaotic mind would allow. Although I knew that one day, the children that I entered that door with would come to understand what being in a family means and we would all blend together, I literally could not envision it. Now, just one month later, it is happening! Kenson and Sula are coming to understand their roll as our children. They want us to comfort them, to hold them, to put them to sleep and to have fun. They are not seeking out others to fill those needs. They are getting along more with Asher, Noah and Bella. Kenson and Sula miss them when they are gone and continue to ask about them until they return home. Thank you, Lord. Only you could have made this all work. You, alone, are the reason those children are here in our home. You deserve the credit for it all. May I commit every day to you . . . the easy days, as well as, the most difficult.