Friday, June 26, 2009

Sickness and Fun

The last few nights have been hard around here. It started with Noah vomiting in the middle of the night at my sister's house. I was on the phone with her several times while Will drove out to her place to get Noah. He was fine the next morning so we thought it was just something he ate. Then, last night Bella started. She threw up about every hour until morning. She was feeling better today and we went bowling for my birthday but then it happened again at bedtime. I am praying she is so much better in the morning. Kenson and Sula have not caught it yet and I truly hope it stays that way.
On the other hand, bowing was a blast. Of course, they had no reference to go by when I explained what we were about to do. They just kind of stood there in the bowling alley when we walked in. They did amazingly well with the safety rules. Kenson had a blast and by the end, he was getting and rolling his ball all by himself. Sula, though, thought it was funny to roll the ball and would walk away like a little goof ball. She is our little court jester!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Language Barrier . . .

. . . thank goodness for translators. Will had to work today for the first time since the kids have been home. Wilkenson came to me later in the day asking me a question about Will but I could not understand what the question was. He kept asking and then Jesula joined in. Bless his heart, I just did not know and he was not giving up. I called our new friend, Norma, at work. (She is so wonderful to stop what she is doing and help us out.) I watched Wilkenson listen to her on the phone with a big grin on his face. Norma let me know that he was asking if his daddy went to Mardi Gras. I have no idea where he would have gotten that idea but, at least, he knows now that his daddy was working and not partying.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kenson and Jes are fabulous swimmers. Kenson loved swimming in the pool from the beginning. It now takes him quite a while before he gets so cold that he has to set out wrapped up in a towel to warm up. He never even tried holding his nose when he went under the water. He loves to jump into the pool and loves to wear his blue goggles.
It took Jes a while to warm up to the idea of swimming. She would just sit in her regular clothes and just watch. Now, she is like a pro. She loved to jump off the ladder and let Bella rescue her. She makes me a little nervous, though. Several times Bella was not really watching and there is Jes going under several times before Bella snatched her up. Amazingly, once her head came out of the water, she had a huge dimply smile on her face.