Friday, August 21, 2009

A new natural "do"

It took almost 4 hours and 4 different set of hands, but Jes finally is extension free :-). Her hair looked so adorable in a little fro, that we have kept it like that for 3 weeks now. She loves wearing headbands and I have bought lots of colors and sizes with bows to match. Her curls remind me of the spring that you take out of a writing pen. They are so small and tight but extremely adorable. I don't know that I will get tired of this do anytime soon.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Family Pic

I am so excited about our family picture. I have been waiting for over a year to take this photo. I have even put my sister-in-law to have a grandchildren photo done in the hopes that the children would be coming home anytime. I just love it! I am also excited about getting photos up in the house that include Jes and Wilk. They don't seemed bothered by it but I can't help but think that they would feel more at home to see themselves on the walls.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our trip to SC

We had a great time visiting Will's family in SC. The 16 hour car ride was a little less than desirable and I would have to say that I am not ready to take that trip again any time soon. I do understand that it is hard for kids to stay confined in a car seat for hours on end with only the toys that haven't fallen on the ground. By the time everyone had fallen asleep for the evening, Will and I looked at each other enjoying the quiet and decided to just go ahead and drive straight through. Although we were tired the next day, it was worth it.
Jes and Wilk did very well with the transition. The only issues that we had were those that are typical of kids out of their environment and routine.
They thoroughly enjoyed meeting Will's family and vice versa. All the kids got to do a lot of swimming, TV watching and even a trip to the mall to get a Build-A-Bear. We also visited a hands-on children's museum that my other kids have always enjoyed going to.
We already miss them terribly and can't wait till our next visit which will probably be for my sister-in-laws high school graduation.
I will post some pics later ~ I have not been able to download them off my camera just yet.