Monday, July 13, 2009

Doing good

I am so excited that Jesula is starting to really bond. She is calling for me and wants to be with me even if everyone else is swimming. She is starting to initiate kisses which is big for her. She is even randomly telling me that she loves me. This is something all of our other children have always done so it is so nice to hear her say it.
Wilkenson has always been affectionate and thorougly enjoys seeing any of us return home even if it has only been a 5 minute trip to get gas. He does not really like to kiss but has always given huge hugs. He is a bit more exasperating at times and Will and I struggle with getting frustrated with him. We basically just need to view him as a 3 or 4 year old instead of an almost 6 year old. He is super sweet, though.
It is still challenging sometimes with Asher and his jealousy issues but it is getting better. Asher even leaned back at supper tonight and said, "Wilkenson. Wilkenson. I love you." To which Wilkenson responded back with an I love you. Man, am I blessed!!!