Saturday, August 29, 2009

No "see"food

Ok, so lately I have been trying to help Jes and Wilk understand that they need to keep their mouths closed while eating. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. They literally cannot seem to keep their lips shut while the inside of their mouth moves. This is totally baffeling to me. Asher even shows them how to do it. But the more we show them, the faster they chew with their mouth open. We have not been able to make them understand that they need to keep their lips shut but can keep the inside of their mouth open so they can chew the food with their teeth instead of letting it dissolve. Wilkenson tries really hard. He has started holding his lips shut with his fingers and when all the food in his mouth is gone, he will say very proudly with his arms up high, "TA DA!!!"


Tonya said...

Chewing with mouth open is one of my HUGE pet peeves. I cannot stand it. Makes me want to gag, scream, run out of the room. I so want it to not bug me, but UGH! So, I thank you sincerely for working on this with them. :-)

The Bergstedt's said...

We are having the same problem! We tell them they are not puppies. No puppy lips. We remind them by saying "I hear someone's puppy lips." They really are trying hard. Good luck to you.